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Once you have created your WinCapWEB account, you will have access to the Employee Self Service module. WinCapWEB is accessible through any internet browser, at home or at work by going to the link below and using the username (email) and password you established. This is a portal where you can access your attendance balances and activity, demographic and deduction changes as well as print paycheck stubs and W-2s.

WinCapWeb Information

Access and print your individual Paycheck information. You can view/print your own paystubs for any pay period that has been processed through WinCap payroll.
WC Paycheck Information

Access and Print YTD Totals. You can verify your payroll totals by fiscal year(s), calendar year(s), monthly or quarterly.
WC YTD Totals

Access and Acknowledge Salary Information (Electronic Salary Notice). Salary notices are provided electronically through employee self service and “accepted” on-line to reduce paperwork and administrative burden. Employees can also access salary notices from previous years.
WC Salary Notice

Access My Attendance Calendar Acknowledgement / Attendance Transaction History. Employees are required to provide an electronic verification/acceptance of their charged time and attendance balances for each year.
WC Attendance

Verify and Update Personal Information. Employees can confirm and update personal contact information online—Address, Home and Cell Phone Numbers, Personal (non-district) email address, and Emergency Contacts. This information automatically updates WinCap-maintained Employee demographic data once it has been “accepted” by an authorized user responsible for maintaining employee data.
WC Employee Demographics

W-2 Printing and Withholding change requests

Access and print W-2’s.
WC W-2

Modify W-4 and IT-2104 Information.Employees can confirm and update W-4 and IT-2104 information online. This information, once “accepted” by an authorized user, will be assigned a specific pay period for processing purposes and will continue until subsequent changes are requested.
WC Deductions