Staff Recognition

Gouverneur Central School District recognizes several staff members throughout the year for their hard work and dedication to the district. Nominations are submitted via a letter by fellow staff members. The nominations are reviewed and the recipient is chosen by the Shared Decision Making team.
elementary whole class picture

2020-2021 Recipients

Shawn Hays
Christie Warren
Melissa Breckenridge
Carrie Hartle
Marie Moore
Lindsey Carvel

acrylic paintings of landscapes 2

2019-2020 Recipients

Jessica Sullivan
Kara Mashaw
Bev Martin
Brittany Schermerhorn
Meagan Fregoe
Mark Dailey
Saddie Whitaker

elementary girls hugging

2018-2019 Recipients

Martha Burt
Leah Card
Heather Davis
Barbara Gauthier
Nick Costa
Ken Nicholas

3 girls in cafeteria posing for camera

2017-2018 Recipients

Emily Mashaw
Bev Phelps
Gina Taylor
Tatia Kennedy
Rachel Newvine
Stephanie Plaisted

students showing pictures off camera to other students taking pictures during photography class

2016-2017 Recipients

Sean Devlin
Martha Burt
Kathy Stamper
Krista Wainwright
Debra French
Roland "Rolly" Houghton
Heather Delity
Jerrilyn Patton
Shawn Hayes
Charity Zawatski
Rita Saidel
Patti Rumble

friends in cafeteria showing off candy and posing for picture during spirit week

2016-2017 Recipients

Connie Tubbs
Daniel Erdman
Bridget Havens
Terry Turnbull

group of friends in front of bon fire at dusk

2016-2017 Recipients

Mary Dixon
Pam Mahay
Kiera Matthews
In Loving Memory Colleen McCarthy
Jerrilyn Patton
Barbara Sadue
Cory Young