The Sectional Games scheduled for Saturday, October 20th and for Thursday, October 25th will have a Sectional ticket price to get in. Family--$12.00 Individual--$5.00 Students--$3.00 Seniors--$3.00

District Committees

The district has many committees that community members and students alike can sit on to voice their opinions and ideas for the betterment of our school. You can find the plans for each committee in our documents menu.

Girls working together on project


The Curriculum Committee is made up of teachers who volunteer their time to write and review curriculum in all content areas. We welcome all comments regarding curriculum expectations.

STEM PD where teachers are working to put together a certain robot

Professional Development

Our PD Plan found in the documents menu will provide the staff and community with a "big picture" of the professional learning priorities for our district. It is intended to guide the district, the departments, and the schools as they plan and implement high quality professional learning programs that are designed to improve the effectiveness of all staff and the achievement of all students...

Denesha helping health student

Response to Intervention

RTI is the practice of providing high-quality instruction/intervention matched to student needs and using learning rate over time and level of performance to make important educational decisions about an individual student.

Students working collaboratively to solve a problem

Shared Decision Making

The purpose of the District Shared Decision Making Committee is to establish a framework, share processes and norms, and model collaboration based on trust and communication. Driven by a shared vision, we will ensure the best course of action on issues that affect student achievement now and for the future.

Elementary Students reading a book with the help of chromebook

Technology Committee

Leaders from the Gouverneur Central School District and the surrounding community have developed a strategic technology plan to... "Provide technology resources to ensure the current and future needs of all users are met with efficient, sustainable systems for teaching, learning and support"

Middle School students playing castle ball

Wellness Committee

What is the Wellness Committee

The purpose of this committee is to bring together representatives from the school community who will address issues relating to nutrition and physical activity for our children. Your input is important, and we would be honored to have you as a Wellness Committee member.

Grant Recipient

The Health and Wellness Committee has been working hard with the St. Lawrence Health Initiative this past year on a grant for the next 5 years. Gouverneur Central Schools will be receiving $10,000 per year for implementation and working towards and environment that is creating a healthier school and community. The CHSC School Coordinator, Sarah Bentley-Garfinkel, has helped put this program and grant into effect here at Gouverneur. Below are the items that have been purchased in the 2016-2017 school year. The Create-A-Course, NutriPlay Roll-N-Fit, and Geocaching Units were received from the Health Initiative's Creating Healthy Schools and Communities Project, which is funded by the New York State Department of Health. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Bush at


Create-a-Course allows students to create their own obstacle courses. We purchased three of these games to be used in our elementary school. The Create-a-Course game is used during active indoor recess times. The game is used to increase fitness levels, muscular strength, balance and coordination among many other physical fitness skills.

NutriPlay Roll-N-Fit

Gouverneur Central School purchased five NutriPlay Roll-N-Fit games. Roll-N-Fit is a perfect active recess, Physical Education or brain break activity. They are currently being used in our elementary building. Each set includes dice, activity instructions, and a mesh bag. The dice are made of a coated foam, so they are soft and safe for all users. Three of them are labeled with different foods and exercises, and 1 is just numbers (which is meant for the teacher). Foods on the dice include potatoes, salmon, pasta, strawberry, snack cakes, and grapes. Exercises on the dice include jump high, crab walk, lunges, and running in place

Geocaching Units

Each building received a tote which contains 12 GPS units, 12 containers (6 large and 6 small) and two curriculum guides. One of the chief benefits of geocaching is that it involves being physically active. The level of physical activity will vary according to the person and the caches that are chosen. Teachers can tailor the level of activity involved specifically to the individual or individuals who will be participating. Additionally, teachers can encourage participants to continue their involvement in geocaching independently as a way to integrate more physical activity into their life. By plotting a series of geocaches to be visited in sequence, a teacher can create a course for groups or individuals to follow. Some participants might run the course trying to find the caches as quickly as possible; others might walk the course or run between some caches and walk between others. In short, geocaching can be used to carefully individualize the level of physical activity that people receive as a result of their participation.