Codes of Conduct

The Board of Education of Gouverneur Central School is committed to providing a safe and orderly school environment where students may receive, and district personnel may deliver quality educational services without disruption or interference.
Responsible behavior by students, teachers, other district personnel, parents and other visitors is essential to achieving this goal. The district has a long-standing set of expectations for conduct on school property and at school functions. These expectations are based on the principles of civility, mutual respect, citizenship, character, tolerance, honesty, and integrity. The Board recognizes the need to clearly define these expectations for acceptable conduct on school property, to identify the possible consequences of unacceptable conduct, and to ensure that discipline, when necessary, is administered promptly and fairly. To this end, the Board adopts this code of conduct.

2023-2024 Code of Conduct
girls working together around grouped desks

Athletic & Extracurricular

a boys varsity player screening for his teammate

Athletics and extracurricular activities are an important component of the Gouverneur Central School District’s (GCS) educational program. The Athletic/ Extracurricular Code of Conduct applies to student athletes and those students who participate in the many Board of Education (BOE) recognized clubs and activities. The rules governing these students are in effect from the moment a student signs the paperwork indicating their intention to participate in a sport or activity and apply to all of these students grades seven through twelve. These rules are in effect 24 hours a day, 12 months a year, regardless of whether an athletic season or activity is currently active, and covers a participant’s behavior both in and outside of school.

Student participation in athletics/extracurricular activities is a privilege, not a right. A student’s participation in interscholastic athletics and any other activity is contingent upon their full compliance with all provisions of this Athletic/ Extracurricular Code of Conduct. Students must also comply with the District’s Code of Conduct for the maintenance of order on school property

Athletic & Extracurricular Code of Conduct