Athletic Philosophy

The athletic program is considered an integral part of the total education process, and to insure this, it is based on sound educational principles. Athletics is an outgrowth of the Physical Education Program. Through participation in physical education, intramurals and athletics, students are offered an opportunity to develop physically, mentally and socially. Athletics allow those students who have demonstrated a need for further development the opportunity to participate on a higher level. To ensure athletics place in the total education process, the programs must follow the same goals and objectives that govern the Physical Education Program here at Gouverneur.


  1. To further develop the potential that is within each individual.
  2. To teach students habits of health and safety.
  3. To teach new skills and offer opportunities to improve those we have.
  4. To provide opportunities for lasting friendships, both with teammates and opponents.
  5. To provide opportunity to exemplify and observe good sportsmanship, which is good citizenship.
  6. To teach that a penalty follows the violation of a rule.
  7. To meet the urge for competition.
  8. To provide "whole school" interest and activity, by involving other students along with athletes.
  9. To give students an early understanding that participation in athletics is a privilege, carrying a variety of responsibilities.
  10. To have fun and be the best that you can be both on and off the field!

Girls volleyball team kneeling in a huddle