COVID-19 Hotline -- (315) 287-1902

COVID-19 Case Reporting

The district will be providing a weekly update of the number of new COVID-19 positive cases.

COVID-19 Student Athletes & Extracurricular Activities

Information for student athletes and students participating in extracurricular activities who have tested positive for COVID-19
COVID Post-COVID Return to Play
COVID 19 Return to Play Form

COVID-19 Families, Students, and Staff Information

Information for families, students, and staff that have been quarantined or tested positive for COVID-19
NYSDOH Affirmation of Isolation
NYSDOH Affirmation of Quarantine

Reopening Plan

Changes to our Reopening Plan may occur as we receive additional guidance from the State. We will update this document to reflect those changes should that happen.

22-23 Reopening Plan
21-22 Gouverneur ARP Use of Funds
21-22 Gouverneur ARP State Reserves Use of Funds

Back-to-School Questions?

COVID Letter

This COVID updates contains the information people community members were requesting. Thank you for allowing me the time to gather it, have it accurate and make certain that I respect the privacy of our students and employees.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct and its Addendum can be found on the page linked below. Specifically, the addendum are COVID-19 Pandemic Additions to our Code of Conduct.

Masks Do's and Don't

Click below to see a graphic of do's and don'ts with fabric masks.