Staff Recognition

Gouverneur Central School District recognizes staff members who are "Making a Difference" and going above and beyond to achieve our district vision of "Delivering the Promise of a Brighter Future for Our Students and Our Community." Staff members are nominated by their peers. The nominations are reviewed and the recipient is chosen by the Shared Decision Making team and recognized publicly by the Board of Education.

Amber Wilcox

“Amber Wilcox is the epitome of going above and beyond her normal job duties. She does everything in her power to make staff feel appreciated. She always does "little" things to let us know how much we are appreciated and that what we do is important and doesn't go unnoticed. She creates grateful bags that her advisory then chooses to deliver to a staff member.

She uses her creativity to come up with amazing ideas for character education. She does so many amazing activities with her students to build relationships and let them know how much she cares. Wearing hearts with positive messages, designing posters to correlate to our character ed award of the month. When one of her students received an award, she traveled over 60 miles to support that student.

Amber Wilcox makes the middle school a brighter place. It's hard to put into words all that she does. She strives daily to create an environment that is positive for everyone. This impact goes far beyond the gymnasium.”

2021-2022 Recipients

Amber Wilcox
Kathy Buell
Marie Moore & Melinda Schiszler
Robert Decker
Heather Parker
Rachel Newvine

Past Recipients

Shawn Hays, Christie Warren, Melissa Breckenridge, Carrie Hartle, Marie Moore, Lindsey Carvel
Jessica Sullivan, Kara Mashaw, Bev Martin, Brittany Schermerhorn, Meagan Fregoe, Mark Dailey, Saddie Whitaker
Martha Burt, Leah Card, Heather Davis, Barbara Gauthier, Nick Costa, Ken Nicholas
Emily Mashaw, Bev Phelps, Gina Taylor, Tatia Kennedy, Rachel Newvine, Stephanie Plaisted
Sean Devlin, Martha Burt, Kathy Stamper, Krista Wainwright, Debra French, Roland Houghton, Heather Delity, Jerrilyn Patton, Shawn Hays, Charity Zawatski, Rita Saidel, Patti Rumble, Connie Tubbs, Daniel Erdman, Bridget Havens, Terry Turnbull, Mary Dixon, Pam Mahay, Kiera Matthews, In Loving Memory Colleen McCarthy, Jerrilyn Patton, Barbara Sadue, Cory Young