Board Policies

Section 1000: By-Laws

Policy 1110: School District and Board of Education Legal StatusPolicy 1120: Board of Education AuthorityPolicy 1130: Number of Members and Terms of OfficePolicy 1210: Board of Education Members: QualificationsPolicy 1220: Board of Education Members: Nomination and ElectionPolicy 1221: Student Serving as an Ex Officio Member of the Gouverneur Central School Board of EducationPolicy 1230: Reporting of Expenditures and ContributionsPolicy 1240: Resignation and DismissalPolicy 1250: Legal Qualifications of Voters at School District MeetingsPolicy 1260: Submission of Questions and Propositions at Annual Elections and Special District MeetingsPolicy 1310: Powers and Duties of the BoardPolicy 1311: Responsibilities of the Board of EducationPolicy 1320: Nomination and Election of Board OfficersPolicy 1321: Duties of the President of the Board of EducationPolicy 1322: Duties of the Vice President of the Board of EducationPolicy 1330: Appointments and Designations by the BoardPolicy 1331: Duties of the District ClerkPolicy 1332: Duties of the School District TreasurerPolicy 1333: Duties of the Tax CollectorPolicy 1334: Duties of the External (Independent) AuditorPolicy 1335: Appointment and Duties of the Claims AuditorPolicy 1336: Duties of the Extraclassroom Activity Fund Central Treasurer and Faculty AuditorPolicy 1337: Duties of the School AttorneyPolicy 1338: Duties of the School Physician/Nurse PractitionerPolicy 1339: Duties of the Internal AuditorPolicy 1410: Policy and Administrative RegulationsPolicy 1510: Regular Board Meetings and Rules (Quorum and Parliamentary Procedure)Policy 1511: Agenda FormatPolicy 1520: Special Meetings of the Board of EducationPolicy 1610: Annual District Meeting and Election/Budget VotePolicy 1611: Business of the Annual District ElectionPolicy 1620: Annual Organization MeetingPolicy 1630: Absentee BallotsPolicy 1720: MinutesPolicy 1730: Executive Sessions

Section 5000: Non-Instructional/Business Operations

Policy 5110: Budget Planning and DevelopmentPolicy 5120: School District Budget HearingPolicy 5130: Budget AdoptionPolicy 5140: Administration of the BudgetPolicy 5210: RevenuesPolicy 5220: District InvestmentsPolicy 5230: Acceptance of Gifts, Grants, and Bequests to the DistrictPolicy 5240: School Tax Assessment and Collection/Property Tax ExemptionsPolicy 5250: Sale and Disposal of School District PropertyPolicy 5260: Use of School District Trademarks and Service MarksPolicy 5310: Bonding of Employees and School Board MembersPolicy 5320: Expenditures of School District FundsPolicy 5321: Use of the District Credit Card Policy 5322: Use of the District Cell PhonePolicy 5323: Reimbursement for Conferences, Travel, and Meal ExpensesPolicy 5340: Borrowing of FundsPolicy 5410: Purchasing: Competitive Bidding and OfferingPolicy 5411: Procurement of Goods and ServicesPolicy 5412: Alternative Formats for Instructional MaterialsPolicy 5510: Accounting of FundsPolicy 5511: Reserve FundsPolicy 5512: Maintenance of Fund BalancePolicy 5520: Extraclassroom Activity FundPolicy 5530: Petty Cash Funds and Cash in School BuildingsPolicy 5540: Publication of the District's Annual Financial StatementPolicy 5550: Maintenance of Fiscal Effort (Title I Programs)Policy 5551: Allocation of Title I, Part A Funds in the DistrictPolicy 5560: Use of Federal Funds for Political ExpendituresPolicy 5570: Financial AccountabilityPolicy 5571: Allegations of FraudPolicy 5572: Audit CommitteePolicy 5573: Internal Audit FunctionPolicy 5610: InsurancePolicy 5620: Fixed Asset Inventories, Accounting, and TrackingPolicy 5621.1: CapitalizationPolicy 5630: Facilities: Inspection, Operation, and MaintenancePolicy 5631: Hazardous Waste and Handling of Toxic Substances by EmployeesPolicy 5632: Permit-Required Confined Spaces (PRCS)Policy 5633: Gender Neutral Single-Occupancy BathroomsPolicy 5640: Smoking, Tobacco, and Cannabis (Marijuana) UsePolicy 5650: Energy/Water Conservation and Recycling of Solid WastePolicy 5661: WellnessPolicy 5670: Records ManagementPolicy 5672: Information Security Breach and NotificationPolicy 5673: Employee Personal Identifying InformationPolicy 5674: Data Networks and Security AccessPolicy 5675: Student Grading Information SystemsPolicy 5676: Privacy and Security for Student Data and Teacher and Principal DataPolicy 5680: Safety and SecurityPolicy 5681: School Safety PlansPolicy 5683: Cardiac Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in Public School FacilitiesPolicy 5685: Use of Surveillance Cameras in the School DistrictPolicy 5686: Use of Electrical Equipment in District FacilitiesPolicy 5687: School Building Access Control Policy 5690: Exposure Control ProgramPolicy 5691: Communicable DiseasesPolicy 5692: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Related IllnessesPolicy 5693: Pest Management and Pesticide UsePolicy 5710: Transportation ProgramPolicy 5711: Unauthorized Individuals on School Buses Operated by First Student, Inc.Policy 5720: Scheduling and RoutingPolicy 5730: Transportation of StudentsPolicy 5740: Use of Buses by Community GroupsPolicy 5750: School Bus SafetyPolicy 5760: Qualifications of Bus DriversPolicy 5761: Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus DriversPolicy 5770: Idling School Buses on School Grounds

Section 6000: Personnel

Policy 6110: Code of Ethics for Board Members and All District PersonnelPolicy 6111: Testing Misconduct and Mandatory Reporting RequirementsPolicy 6120: Equal Employment OpportunityPolicy 6122: Sexual Harassment in the WorkplacePolicy 6124: Employment of Retired PersonsPolicy 6130: Evaluation of PersonnelPolicy 6140: Employee Medical ExaminationsPolicy 6150: Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, and Other Substances (Staff)Policy 6151: Drug-Free WorkplacePolicy 6160: Professional Growth/Staff DevelopmentPolicy 6170: Selection of Athletic CoachesPolicy 6180: Safety of Students (Fingerprinting Clearance of New Hires).Policy 6182: Safe Mentoring ActPolicy 6190: Staff-Student Relations (Fraternization)Policy 6192: Workplace Violence Prevention Policy StatementPolicy 6210: Certified PersonnelPolicy 6212: Certification and QualificationsPolicy 6212.1: Incidental TeachingPolicy 6212.2: Registration and Professional DevelopmentPolicy 6213.1: Disciplining of a Tenured Teacher or Certified PersonnelPolicy 6214: Professional Staff: SeparationPolicy 6215: Employment of Relatives of Board of Education MembersPolicy 6220: Temporary PersonnelPolicy 6230: Mentoring Programs for First-Year TeachersPolicy 6310: Appointment – Support StaffPolicy 6330: School Bus Monitors and Attendants Policy 6410: Maintaining Discipline and ConductPolicy 6420: Employee Personnel Records and Release of InformationPolicy 6430: Employee ActivitiesPolicy 6440: NegotiationsPolicy 6450: Theft of Services or PropertyPolicy 6470: Staff Use of Computerized Information Resources and EmailPolicy 6510: Health InsurancePolicy 6511: Provision of Health Insurance Pursuant to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care ActPolicy 6520: Workers' CompensationPolicy 6530: Payroll DeductionsPolicy 6540: Defense and Indemnification of Board Members and EmployeesPolicy 6550: Leaves of AbsencePolicy 6551: Family and Medical Leave ActPolicy 6552: Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)/Military Leaves of AbsencePolicy 6560: Employee Assistance Program (EAP)Policy 6570: Mileage ReimbursementPolicy 6580: Tax Sheltered AnnuitiesPolicy 6590: Determination of Employment Status: Employee or Independent Contractor

Section 7000: Students

Policy 7110: Comprehensive Student Attendance PolicyPolicy 7120: Age of EntrancePolicy 7121: Diagnostic Screening of StudentsPolicy 7123: Release of Students to Custodial/Noncustodial Parents and Rights of Noncustodial ParentsPolicy 7124: Entitlement to Attend - Age and ResidencyPolicy 7130: Non-Resident StudentsPolicy 7133: Education of Students in Foster CarePolicy 7150: Remote InstructionPolicy 7160: School CensusPolicy 7210: Promotion and Retention of StudentsPolicy 7212: Provision of Interpreter Services to Parents who are Hearing ImpairedPolicy 7213: Student Membership in the National Honor SocietyPolicy 7220: Graduation Requirements/Early Graduation/Accelerated ProgramsPolicy 7221: Participation in Graduation Ceremonies and ActivitiesPolicy 7222: Diploma or Credential Options for Students with DisabilitiesPolicy 7240: Student Records: Access and ChallengePolicy 7250: Designation of Person in Parental RelationPolicy 7310: School Conduct and DisciplinePolicy 7313: Suspension of StudentsPolicy 7318: Students Presumed to Have a Disability for Discipline PurposesPolicy 7320: Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs and Other Substances (Students)Policy 7330: Searches and Questioning of StudentsPolicy 7340: Bus Rules and RegulationsPolicy 7350: Timeout and Physical RestraintPolicy 7360: Weapons in School and the Gun-Free Schools ActPolicy 7370: Student Use of Computerized Information Resources (Acceptable Use Policy)Policy 7410: Extracurricular ActivitiesPolicy 7420: Sports and the Athletic ProgramPolicy 7421: Objectives of the Athletic ProgramPolicy 7430: Contests for Students, Student Awards and ScholarshipsPolicy 7450: Employment of Students of Minor AgePolicy 7460: Student Voter Registration and Pre-RegistrationPolicy 7510: School Health ServicesPolicy 7512: Student PhysicalsPolicy 7513: Medication and Personal Care ItemsPolicy 7514: Student Health RecordsPolicy 7516: Student Privacy, Parental Access to Information, and Administration of Certain Physical Examinations to MinorsPolicy 7517: Head LicePolicy 7520: Accidents and Medical EmergenciesPolicy 7521: Students With Life-Threatening Health ConditionsPolicy 7522: Concussion ManagementPolicy 7530: Child Abuse and MaltreatmentPolicy 7531: Sexual Harassment of StudentsPolicy 7532: Dignity for All StudentsPolicy 7540: Student Directory InformationPolicy 7541: Military Recruiters and Institutions of Higher EducationPolicy 7552: Student Gender IdentityPolicy 7553: Hazing of StudentsPolicy 7570: Notification of Release of Sex OffendersPolicy 7580: Supervision of StudentsPolicy 7582: Education of Students in Temporary HousingPolicy 7590: Constitutionally Protected Prayer in the Public SchoolsPolicy 7610: Special Education: District PlanPolicy 7611: Children With DisabilitiesPolicy 7612: Grouping by Similarity of NeedsPolicy 7613: The Role of the Board of Education in Implementing a Student's Individualized Education ProgramPolicy 7614: Preschool Special Education ProgramPolicy 7616: Extended School Year (July/August) Services and/or ProgramsPolicy 7617: Prereferral Intervention StrategiesPolicy 7618: Response to Intervention (RTI) ProcessPolicy 7620: Students with Disabilities Participating in School District ProgramsPolicy 7621: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973Policy 7622: Least Restrictive EnvironmentPolicy 7631: Appointment and Training of Committee on Special Education (CSE)/Subcommittee on Special Education MembersPolicy 7632: Appointment and Training of Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) MembersPolicy 7640: Student Individualized Education Program (IEP): Development and ProvisionPolicy 7641: Transition ServicesPolicy 7642: Declassification of Students with DisabilitiesPolicy 7643: Transfer Students with DisabilitiesPolicy 7650: Identification and Register of Children with Disabilities (Child Find)Policy 7660: Parent Involvement for Children with DisabilitiesPolicy 7661: Due Process Rights for Parents of Children with DisabilitiesPolicy 7670: Due Process Complaints: Selection and Board Appointment of Impartial Hearing OfficersPolicy 7680: Independent Educational EvaluationsPolicy 7690: Special Education Mediation

Section 8000: Instruction

Policy 8110: Curriculum Development, Resources, and EvaluationPolicy 8120: Request for Part 100 Variance or Part 200 Innovative Program Waiver from Commissioner's RegulationsPolicy 8130: Equal Educational OpportunitiesPolicy 8211: Prevention InstructionPolicy 8212: Fire and Emergency Drills, Bomb Threats, and Bus Emergency DrillsPolicy 8220: Career and Technical (Occupational) EducationPolicy 8230: Guidance ProgramPolicy 8240: Instruction in Certain SubjectsPolicy 8241: Patriotism, Citizenship, and Human Rights EducationPolicy 8242: Civility, Citizenship and Character Education/Interpersonal Violence Prevention EducationPolicy 8243: Animals in the School (Instructional Purposes)Policy 8250: Evaluation of the Instructional ProgramPolicy 8260: Title I Parent and Family EngagementPolicy 8270: Instructional TechnologyPolicy 8271: Internet Safety/Internet Content Filtering PolicyPolicy 8280: Instruction for English Language LearnersPolicy 8290: Continuing EducationPolicy 8291: College Credit Tuition Program Policy 8292: Exploratory Enrichment ProgramPolicy 8310: Purposes of Instructional MaterialsPolicy 8320: Selection of Library and Multimedia MaterialsPolicy 8330: Objection to Instructional Materials and Controversial IssuesPolicy 8332: Curriculum Areas in Conflict with Religious BeliefsPolicy 8340: Instructional Materials and Nonpublic School StudentsPolicy 8350: Use of Copyrighted MaterialsPolicy 8360: B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device)Policy 8410: School Calendar and School DayPolicy 8420: Opening ExercisesPolicy 8430: Independent StudyPolicy 8450: Home, Hospital, or Institutional Instruction (Homebound Instruction)Policy 8460: Field TripsPolicy 8470: Home Instruction (Home Schooling)