Medications at School

Schools rely on the cooperation of parent/guardian to safely and effectively administer medication to their students at school. Parents are responsible for supplying all their child's medications, transporting the medication to school, and completing all the required medication authorization forms.

OTC Permission Slip Authorization for Administration of Medication

Requirements for all medications: prescription, non-prescription, and homeopathic

  • Parents/guardians must complete the authorization to administer medication form for each medication. The form must be signed by the health care provider and parent/guardian. Medication cannot be given without the completed form.
  • Parents/guardians must bring all medications to the school office for the student. Students can’t bring medication to school. Medication can’t be transported on school district buses.
  • All medication must be in the original prescription bottle, container or package.
  • All non-prescription medication, other than what's available at school (see otc permission slip), must be labeled by the parent. The label should include:
    • Student name
    • Name of medication
    • Exact dosage
    • Date issued
    • Name of health care provider
    • Time of day medication is to be given
  • Directions on the authorization to administer medication form must match the directions on the prescription bottle/container.