Substitute Resources


As an employee of a public school district in New York state, you are required to have your fingerprints done and filed with the New York State Education Department. If you have had your fingerprints done before for another agency, it will only be available to us if that agency was affiliated with the Education Department. If you are not sure, please contact Angela Calkins with your social security number and I can look it up to see if it is in the NYSED database.

Directions to schedule your fingerprints:

Go to

From here, you may type in your zip code to find the nearest fingerprint location. A map will come up showing locations near you and the days/hours they schedule. Note that many locations only schedule appointments on certain days, so you may wish to try others close to you to find a convenient day/time.

Once you select a location, click “Schedule Appointment.” Under Enrollment Services, select "Digital Fingerprinting."

It will ask for a Service Code. For most applicants, your service code is 14ZGR7. (Only persons enrolled in a program leading to Teacher Certification will use the code 14ZGQT.)

Complete the required fields.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kennedy in the superintendent’s office at

The District will receive a copy of your clearance. You will not be eligible to work until your full clearance is received.