Each building has their own yearbook. The middle school and high school have different websites for ordering. Please be careful when ordering a yearbook for a middle school and high school student.

Elementary School

Ordered the Elementary School Yearbook online or by paper form.

the cover of the 22-23 middle school yearbook

Middle School Yearbooks

Order Your Middle School Yearbook.

$27 each including tax now through January.
$32 each including tax starting in February.

There is also a 0.99 cent fee that is charged, this is out of our control.

High School Yearbook

High School yearbooks are cheapest to buy at the beginning of the school year.

$43 (with an icon promotion) until October 21, 2022
$48 (all options available) until January 27, 2023
$53 (only book purchase available) until distribution
The prices above do not include tax.
$58 (includes tax) when we start distribution

Order Your High School Yearbook

Reserve Your Yearbook

We have begun ordering less yearbooks each year because we aren't able to sell them all. We strongly recommend you preorder your yearbook. We must submit how many books we're ordering to Jostens at the beginning of February. Ordering before February will guarantee you receive one.

Senior Requirements

There are certain requirements for the senior formal portrait for the yearbook. You should have received a mailing around the end of the prior school year. If you did not receive that mailing, please contact Mr. Cory Young for that information.

Advisors of High School Yearbook

Mrs. Bethanie Denesha

Mr. Cory Young

Senior Recognition Ads

A sample of a half page senior recognition ad

Above is an example of a half-page senior recognition ad. They are designed and sent for approval. Senior Recognition Ads are not only for parents but are also open to your extended family. Parents of seniors, please pass this information along to your extended family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc) that may wish to purchase a recognition ad for your senior child.

If you'd like to purchase a senior recognition ad space for your child, please contact Cory Young for more information on creating your parent recognition ad.

Costs For Ad Space

Full Page: $100
1/2 Page: $55
1/4 Page: $30
1/8 Page: $20