Wildcat Wellness

Program Information

The Wildcat Wellness Initiative was formed to gather ideas on wellness and communicate them with the school and community.

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WellSAT Pre & Post Overview
SLHI Certificate of Recognition

Fitness for Life

The high school fitness center is open after school for all students and staff. Please check with the high school athletic office for specific times and days of the week.

Resources Disclaimer

Please note that the Wildcat Wellness Initiative does not necessarily support the viewpoints expressed or programs offered by the sources or organizations on this page. This list is meant to provide ideas and resources for healthy living in our community.

Elementary students riding bikes on the pavement

Food, Nutrition, And A Healthy Weight

Eating well is crucial for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. These websites provide access to nutrition facts, places to track your nutritional intake and recipes.

Physical Activity and A Healthy Weight

Being physically active is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. Check out these websites for activity trackers, tips for getting active and more!

Eating Disorders and Body Image

Losing weight may be important to be healthier and feel well, but we must take care not to harm ourselves in the process. These websites describe signs of unhealthy eating behaviors and attitudes to watch for.

General Health

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is one of the many important ways to take care of ourselves and our families. These sites cover a variety of health and wellness topics, from nutrition and fitness to mental health and safety.

Heart Health and Exercising

In the United States, heart disease is a major problem for both men and women. It is, according to the CDC, the leading cause of death in this country. People can take measures to protect themselves from heart disease starting in their childhood and into adulthood. The most important measure is to live a healthy lifestyle that includes not only eating healthy, but also exercising routinely.

St. Lawrence County

These are additional resources for a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle in St. Lawrence County.
A Health Initiative created out of a collaboration by Canton-Potsdam Hospital and Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center.

Opportunities for free or low cost outdoor physical activity

A trail guide for St. Lawrence County. Also available off this page is a "Map for all Seasons" which lists recreational feature for each town.