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Requesting Official College Transcripts

Many of you have accumulated college credits over the last two years at GHS from various colleges including HVCC, SUNY Potsdam, Syracuse University or North Country Community College (through a BOCES program).

In order to transfer those credits to the college you will be attending in the fall, you MUST request an official transcript from each college directly. Here are the links to each college to make the request. There will likely be a small fee for each official transcript.

Remember, if you are currently taking a SUPA or SUNY Potsdam course, wait until the last week of June to request your transcript. If you request a transcript before final grades have been posted, it will not include current course final grades and you will need to pay to request a second copy!

HVCC transcript request: https://www.hvcc.edu/registrar/transcripts.html
North Country Community College transcript request: https://www.nccc.edu/registration/registrar_forms.html
SUNY Potsdam transcript request: https://www.potsdam.edu/about/offices/registrar/transcripts
SUPA transcript: https://supa.syr.edu/transcripts/

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Juniors and Seniors

Admissions counselors will be holding college information sessions in person. Colleges will be added as they are scheduled, so be sure to check listings for updates! Please contact Mrs. Graves if you are interested in attending any of the representative visits for colleges listed below.


No college visits to show. Check back regularly.

Start Here Get There

Start Here Get There is a valuable site that offers on-demand virtual events to help with college applications, financial aid forms, etc. Go to: https://startheregetthere.ny.gov/events.